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Factors that can expose a person to mental disorders.

Achieving a healthy life is everybody’s desire. Many ways can be used in ensuring one is healthy. Mental health is very significant through a human beings life.At some point in life one can get exposed to factors that can lead to mental disorders to the body. Lucky enough, there are many ways of controlling the disorders. Mental disorders are caused by a number of things.

To begin with, Social discrimination is a serious cause. Some members in any society can feel discriminated for many reasons.This is mainly observed in people living with various disabilities. Living with a disability will always deny one the association freedom in society matters like sports and entertainment. These people feel rejected in any given environment. This is a very critical condition in mental health.

Bereavement in a community. At some point in life death takes our loved ones. Those deceased people mostly ark important roles in those bereaving.When a person looses a person of much importance and closeness he might end up developing stress that may lead to mental health problems in turn.People who lose their close ones through death should always seek guidance and counseling from experts.

Child neglect. Some families separate apart through divorce. Parents that divorce expose their children to stress especially in times of trouble. Children raised by a single parent might feel unloved and neglected.Such children will not perform their daily activities well as usual.

Stigmatization problems.The most common stigma experienced in many communities is that of HIV/AIDS. Such people can be left lonely in some areas. In some places they are deprived the right access to some amenities.Most people end up not associating with them for such a condition. Stress can be developed in such a way thus leading to mental health problems.

Social class. In a society of people there is always those of high and low class. Mostly in impoverished areas people do not access basic needs. Oppression comes in when the high class exploit the poor because they mostly work for them. Mental health problems begin at the realization of this.

Infection by other diseases.Some diseases are very chronic and last long when they find way into human beings. Ulcers alongside stress of post trauma are the most common of these diseases.

The above causes can make one to look for a suitable method of solving the mental health problem.Some of the above factors can be avoided by observing health. Basically counseling helps to keep away from mental health problems.
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