Richard, Grants Pass, Oregon

Dawn recently gave me a psychic reading and healing for VERTIGO putting an end to my suffering. I am very grateful for Dawn's skill as a Clairvoyant Reader and Healer.

Maureen, Palo Alto, CA

Dawn is incredibly insightful, intelligent, intuitive & psychic. Just what you want when you have a clairvoyant reading!!

I have found her lightness, lovingness, sense of humor & ability to help me connect the dots between my conscious & subconscious to be invaluable.

Dawn's the real deal because she picks up on things I can't & that others don't. She sees auras, picks up on informational pictures of things we want & need, useful info about our friends & family members, bosses & other environmental influences.

Dawn also offers gift certificates, readings by phone, healing & taped sessions.

I met her years ago when she read at Full Circle Books in Belmont. Over the years, I have referred many people to her, skeptics & the more open-minded alike. They all have been appreciative of her in-depth understanding & clairvoyance.

In the past years, Dawn's gift, in my opinion, has increased. She has had a profound effect on my life, for which I'm grateful. I'm a wiser, more open person, & stronger because of what I've learned from her & what my readings have revealed.

Rosemary R., Vero Beach, FL

I have known Dawn for 12+ years. Dawn has helped me to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally through her ability to read the energy just as it is. Each reading has been fresh, new, and informative. Dawn is caring and compassionate in her approach and reads energy with great accuracy- I find these are qualities that make her shine as a Clairvoyant. My experience has been that Dawn is a fantastic Healer/Clairvoyant. No matter what my concerns or my challenges, Dawn has always helped me to work through my issues and the energies safely and effectively, bringing about the best outcome for all involved. I know I am a much happier, healthier person for all the healing work Dawn has done with/for me.

Noel R., Vero Beach, FL

I think Dawn's readings are useful- they're not just for entertainment. She gives a more constructive reading than you get from most psychics. Dawn works with you on what you are actually working on.

Toni V., San Francisco, CA

Dawn is an incredible Clairvoyant Reader and Healer - I have been getting readings from her for over seven years and would recommend her highly.

Angel S., Pacifica, CA

I have been receiving readings from Dawn for almost four years. Her readings are amazing! She has helped me to see my life in many different ways. Dawn has taught me how to use tools to keep me centered - so I can make good choices. Through her readings, I have learned to live life to the fullest, she has helped me to see that it is O.K. to be human and to get mad and to let go - to not be so disappointed in the actions of others - so I can go about creating my own life.

Tami, Pacific Northwest

Dawn is a very sensitive clairvoyant. I have been conferring with her for years. I don't make any important life decisions without first consulting her. Her Reading-Consultations over the phone are very convenient, since I don't live near her. She is professional and personable, as well.

Cynthia J., Bay area, CA

Dawn’s advice has been invaluable to me over the years. She has assisted me with topics as varied as: buying a house, dealing better with my kids, advancing in my career, publishing a book, and understanding our pets better. She has also taught me how to use some terrific daily “tools” to better manage my overall energy. I’m not a slavish devotee of psychics – I’m always looking for solid, practical results – and her information gives me that extra, tremendously useful edge.

Judy S., Portland, Oregon

I was referred to Dawn by a senior level colleague in the high tech industry. As a strategy, marketing and sales professional, I care deeply about pragmatic easy-to-use tools and quick meaningful results, which Dawn consistently provides. I have consulted with her on both personal and professional matters and in every situation she has provided insight and tools which allowed me to quickly make beneficial decisions with confidence.

Dawn provides clear business and personal guidance on the best ways to handle and communicate with smart, difficult people for positive outcomes. She has taught me how to create and maintain healthy boundaries with clients, and how to manage my energy and creativity in simple ways that support my goals and the goals of my clients. Dawn has helped me recognize my own "value", such that I am now working substantially fewer hours, while earning higher wages.

I am deeply appreciative of Dawn's invaluable skills and gifts, which she employs with integrity, humor, compassion, and sincerity. I highly recommend investing in your self and your future, with a session with Dawn.